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I don't know who owns this photo, but if you do please leat me know.

I don't know who owns this photo, but if you do please let me know.

The Spirit is probably the least understood member of the trinity. Both by those who give him too much attention and those who don’t give him enough.

 This quote from Bruce Ware helps us see a bit clearer the main role of the Spirit – but not his only role by any means – and how the Spirit’s work relates to treasuring Jesus as a better possession and how His work of sanctification – making us more and more holy and so more and more like Jesus – works. The hint is they’re both linked!

 “Because God has so made us that we long to become like what we adore, the Spirit helps us see Christ increasingly as glorious and worthy of praise, and when this happens, we seek to become more and more like him […] The Spirit sanctifies us by pointing us to Jesus.”

                                                                 B. A. Ware, Father, Son & Holy Spirit

  It’s the Spirit who points us toward Jesus and helps us see him clearly for who he is so that we would worship him. And the way he sanctifies us is by helping us see Jesus more and more clearly.

 The key in the fight to overcome sin is that it’s primarily a fight to see. You overcome sin with superior pleasure – Jesus himself becomes more valuable to you than the pleasures of sin.

 The fight against sin is a fight to see. And the Spirit’s work is to help you see clearly.