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Most of these “Leadership Proverbs” I’ve just picked up, absorbed and imbibed by some process of osmosis along the way and don’t know exactly whom they originated from. But when I know I’ll make reference, and when I don’t it’s not that I’m ungrateful or that I want to appear like a genius. It’s genuinely that I can’t remember.


Most of these self-leadership questions came via Bill Hybels at Willow Creek. Though I have modified them somewhat.

Lead Yourself

To be a great leader you first must make sure you lead yourself. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, you are the one person in the world that you have most influence over, which means if you can’t lead you there’s little chance you’ll be particularly successful leading others.

Second, a key part of leading others well is adding value to them, which means you need to have something to offer and add.

Third, every soldier deserves competent leadership and every team of volunteers should be led as well as they can be, which starts with you.

Fourth, there’s no guarantee that the leader above you will lead you well or know how to lead you well and look after you. You need to lead you.

Fifthly, the best gift you can give the people you lead is a healthy, energised, clear, focussed, faithful, Christ-surrendered self. And in the end no one can make that happen under God except you.

Here are the self leadership questions that I have accumulated and modified from a few sources over the years.

  1. Is my character submitted to Christ?
  2. Is my calling sure?
  3. Is my vision clear?
  4. Is my passion hot?
  5. Is my pride subdued?
  6. Are my fears at bay?
  7. Is my own personal baggage in check?
  8. Is my pace sustainable?
  9. Is my passion to serve developing?
  10. Is my heart for God increasing and is my capacity for loving people deepening?