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I have a lot of patience with those people who fight and struggle with the idea that God is sovereign over every detail in life; that nothing happens without His say-so. It took me a long time to move from first hearing about it and hating it. To then being convinced that it was what the Bible taught and accepting it, but not liking it. To finally embracing and loving it with all my heart.

That progression took a number of years. And it was kinda painful.

And some of you who are a part of A Better Possession are probably all over that spectrum. And the point of all this isn’t to argue and convince you that its true and in the Bible, maybe some other time, for now I just wanna show a little window into what it’s like living life from within the Doctrine of God’s absolute Sovereignty.

Here’s a quote that I feel sums it up.

It’s from John Newton, who was a pastor in the 1700s. He’s the guy who wrote Amazing Grace. Here’s how he looked out on life, and in particular notice how easily he speaks about acts of kindness and notice how he views interruptions – like phone calls from people who need our help when we’re right in the middle of something really important or test results that say your daughter is deathly sick and needs to go to hospital ASAP:

Two heaps of human happiness and misery; now if I can take but the smallest bit from one heap and add to the other, I carry a point. If, as I go home, a child has dropped a halfpenny, and if, by giving it another, I can wipe away its tears, I feel I have done something. I should be glad to do greater things, but I will not neglect this. When I hear a knock on my study door, I hear a message from God; it may be a lesson of instruction, perhaps a lesson of penitence; but, since it is his message, it must be interesting.

That is an attractive way to live.