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In thinking about time and eternity there are so many things one could say and that one would like to say. But there’s never space or time enough to say them all.

Here’s one quote that captures a whole train of thought that I would have loved to pursue this past Sunday but simply couldn’t.

In the end, time is everything we have to offer to the other because everything we could or would like to do for them must be done within time. If I have the desire and ability to do something but not the time then the activity won’t be done. Time is the neccessary component which must be present for any act of love, and so encapsulates the whole and is the last and most personal thing I possess.

Karl Barth captures it well when he says:

“[…] to have time for another, although in the abstract this says little, is in reality to manifest in essence all the benefits which one man can show to another. When I really give anyone my time, I thereby give him the last and most personal thing that I have to give at all, namely myself.”

Church Dogmatics I/2, 55.