I thought I would start a new ongoing series of the books that are on my shelf as I finish reading them. Lots of people ask me what I’m currently reading or what I recommend so this is a way to do that better and also a way for me to briefly reflect on a book before I move on to something different.

The plan is to catch up on the books read so far in 2010, keep updating the series as I keep reading, and to also work my way back through the years.

The Everlasting God by D. Broughton Knox

I re-read this book early this year and loved it just as much this time around as I did when I first read it. The book is relatively short, clocking in at under 200 pages, but deals with so many biblical topics so clearly and so quickly.

What impresses me about this book is the way Knox moves from one doctrine to the next with such fluidity, often following the implications from one doctrine out into another and then back again. It’s as though he sees Christian doctrine less as a set of distinct topics but rather as a whole and can move smoothly from one facet to another.  

His explanation of the Trinity is particularly insightful as he shows that the trinity isn’t some advanced theology for super-Christians but is in fact at the core of Christianity and that if you don’t have the Trinity you don’t have Christianity. His remarks on God’s soveriegnty over sinful people are especially helpful see here.

His doctrine is evangelical and conservative, his explanation is innovative, his writing style is clear and uncluttered, and while I find some conclusions unhelpful (I’m thinking of his wrestle with the divinity and humanity of Jesus in His knowing, pp. 92-94) watching Knox doing theology wrestling with texts is impressive nonetheless.

It’s still one of my favourite books.

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