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Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

Next Generation Leader

by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is one of the current crop of american pastors who aren’t brilliant with the Bible but are brilliant when it comes to leadership. And this book contains some of those leadership insights from Stanley.

What’s interesting about this book is that what Stanley has to say to Next Generation leaders is simply a slightly new slant on timeless leadership lessons. Lessons like: don’t be afraid but to lead you need to find your courage; be humble enough to learn; find what you’re good at and do it; character makes you a leader worth following.

The main lessons aren’t particularly innovative, although some of the sub-points are somewhat unique, such as his advice on how to approach “leadership coaches”. But I don’t think Stanley is trying to be particularly innovtive. The point of the book is what would he say to up-and-coming leaders? What does he wish someone had said to him when he was starting out? And so in that sense it makes perfect sense that Stanley writes about these foundational and fundamental lessons.

Like I said at the beginning, his work with the Bible isn’t brilliant as he uses Old Testament narratives to teach leadership lessons, lessons which the author probably wasn’t intending to teach. But so long as you understand him to be illustrating leadership principles learnt elsewhere with examples from Scripture then they seem to me perfectly legitimate.

The book is good, particularly for those new to leadership, or those who haven’t done much reflection or had much specific leadership input. This book wil articulate things you may already intuitively have picked up or some basics to help you gather you leadership bearings and lay down some points of reference.

In terms of articulating some of the core leadership truths to the next generation Stanley’s done a pretty good job.

Buy it at Amazon or Koorong. Don’t buy it from Dymocks, they’re a rip-off.