11)         A Book About a Dead Guy

It doesn’t really matter which dead guy, just pick a famous dead Christian and read a book about them and their life. You’ll be inspired by their faith and you’ll learn from their mistakes. John Piper has a whole series of biographies that are all really good plus they’re free on his website desiringgod.org (along with stacks of his other books)

12)         A Call to Spiritual Reformation – D. A. Carson

Carson looks at the prayers of Paul and helps us in thinking about the things we do and should be praying about. Learning how to pray by modelling off of Paul isn’t a bad way to go. If you want your prayer life to be more biblical this is the book to help you.

13)         At the Heart of the Universe – Peter Jensen

Jensen gives you a clear and concise overview of Christian thought and how the pieces fit together. Just very nice.

14)         Sex Isn’t the Problem, Lust Is – Josh Harris

A book about sex and relationships that gets to the heart of the issue. The title says it all really, but the book has some good stuff to help you navigate a tricky topic.

15)         According to Plan – Graham Goldsworthy

The Old Testament can be an intimidating beast, this book will give you the framework and overall understanding to be able to read this massive part of the Bible with some degree of confidence and hear the voice of God in it.

16)         God is the Gospel – John Piper

This book will help you see the gospel again for the first time and with fresh eyes. Will help you in treasuring God himself instead of treasuring God because of the gifts he gives.

17)         You Can Change – Tim Chester

God wants you to grow. He wants you to be more Christlike and less selfish and destructive. But changing is hard and often it feels like nothing’s happening. This book is biblical and practical and will help you to become more like Jesus without making you feel guilty and crap in the process.

18)         Father, Son and Holy Spirit – B. A. Ware

Will show you that the Trinity isn’t just some doctrine for the super-spiritual/ super-intelligent, but that it’s at the heart of who God is and is deeply relevant and practical. This book is so clear and doesn’t over-complicate things and shows you why this doctrine actually matters.

19)         Gunning for God – John Lennox

The new atheists are quite vocal and quite aggressive right now. And they give those around you who don’t believe in Jesus a false confidence, because they make out that they have really goods arguments and that belief in Christianity is irrational. They don’t and it isn’t. Lennox will show you why and will give you a certainty and confidence that perhaps you didn’t have before.

20)         Cross of Christ – John Stott

Again, a classic for a reason. The best book on the cross I have ever read. Hard work and jammed full with concepts. So this one will take effort, but will pay huge dividends if you give it the time. It’s not written for academics, it’s written for normal people, but it’s not written for people who don’t want to try. To read this book you’ll need to try, but man is it some of the best stuff you’ll ever read. It’ll blow your mind over and over again.