(c) thecreativshark

(c) thecreativshark

There hasn’t been many posts here for the last little while.

Here’s how it’s all going to work from now on.

A Better Possession blog is going to continue as the place for all my biblical and theological reflections. If you like that stuff this is will be a good place to get it.

All leadership stuff, articles plus a whole bunch of videos and content from the famous guys, will be on this new website: The Ministry Matrix

If you wanna stay up to date on all that leadership stuff feel free to sign up at the new website or head over and “Like” us on Facebook or do both!


And then all the other stuff I like and find interesting that doesn’t really fit under those two categories will be over at RevCraigHamilton.

Hope that makes sense. I’ll post something like this a few times over the coming week or so just to make sure everyone knows the score! Thanks for following along, hope to see you over at these other sites!