Plundering the Egyptians: Love the People in Your Team



Most of these “Leadership Proverbs” I’ve just picked up, absorbed and imbibed by some process of osmosis along the way and don’t know exactly whom they originated from. But when I know I’ll make reference, and when I don’t it’s not that I’m ungrateful or that I want to appear like a genius. It’s genuinely that I can’t remember. So if I’ve flogged something from you let me know and I’ll happily acknowledge it.

Love the People in Your Team

To lead a team well you need to genuinely love them. To serve them and want above all that they succeed you will need to love them. It’s hard to desire and work towards success for someone you can’t stand. That flows on naturally from “Servanthood is Greatness”.

But it also goes further than that. Your team needs to actually know that you love them. Every person. If you have been given a team by God to lead, then you have been given a team by God to love. This doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with everyone on your team, or that you want to go on holidays with them and hold hands, share an ice cream cone and ride a tandem bike. It just means you genuinely care about them and what’s happening in their life and how things are working out for them.

They need to know that you aren’t simply interested in the job that they can do for you and the results that they can achieve, but that you care about their whole life. Now there is a pragmatic edge to this, because how they are in their whole life will affect how they are in the job you have for them to do. Particularly in our ministry context where heart and character are so central. But you need to love them above and beyond the fact that it makes good pragmatic sense. You need to love them because God has given them to you to be loved.

Does your team know that you love and care for them? Have you ever told them? What have you done to show them?