The Best 11 Bits on Leadership

Here’s the best bits from the Plundering the Egyptians posts on leadership. You can find loads more insights on leadership from all the Plundering the Egyptians posts here

You’re Just the Leader

Being a leader is a great thing. But just being a leader isn’t what makes you great. Click this post to find out the mistake leaders make that hampers their team’s effectiveness and what you need to do instead in order to lead a winning team.

Everything Must Be Genuine

People can smell a phoney. And once they work it out they will rarely want to follow one. Another often-neglected dimension of leadership that has nothing to do with process or technique.

Love the People in Your Team

An often overlooked facet of leadership. This post will help you get the most out of your team by helping you care about the people not just what they produce.

Change Your Leadership Style

Everyone has a default leadership style. The way you lead best and most naturally. Did you know it doesn’t matter what your default leadership style is? You need to be able to lead in multiple ways and styles. This post will give you some tips on what those ways would be and when you’d use each one.

Red Queen Syndrome

Change is hard to pull off and scary to initiate. And so is it really necessary and worth the effort? How committed to change do I need to be in order to succeed?

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Badly

What? Is that a typo? Surely we should strive for excellence?  Well yeah, we should. But there are also other factors involved. Click and find out what they are.

Give Credit and Take Blame

Trust is fundamental to a team because it’s fundamental to relationships. Click here to learn one of the key ways to foster trust in your team and minimise frustration.

Bad News is Good News

How you respond when people bring you bad news is critically important to the ongoing success of your team. Click here to find out how to respond in those situations and why if you do it will pay dividends among your team.

There’s No Point Having a Dog and Then Barking Yourself

A great challenge for leaders is the temptation to just do it ourselves. This post will help you to remember why that’s such a dumb idea.

People Who Praise You are Probably Just as Mistaken as Those Who Criticise You

Criticism is par for the course fro any leader doing anything that people care about. And our egos are often so fragile that we can slip into some silly habits when it comes to feedback. Click here to find out what some of those habits are and why you should break them or avoid them.

Treat Them Like Children: Praise Progress

Praise is often hard to do and hard to work out when it should be done. This post will help you to decide when to praise people and what you should praise them for.


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